Izip Vida

$2,900.00 *

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Less effort, more fun! The IZIP Vida will get you to your destination wearing a smile the entire way. The Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor system provides multiple levels of boost at the push of a button. The super low-step ergonomic frame design allows you to ride further with exceptional comfort.

Run errands, enjoy the paths and places you would normally never see with the long 400 Wh battery range without even breaking a sweat!


  • Battery: Bosch Powertube 400Wh, DT Mount

  • Motor: Bosch Active Line Plus, 50Nm Torque, 20 mph

  • Top Speed: 20 MPH

  • Range: 30-60 miles

  • Weight: 50 lbs
Dark Charcoal Grey
Ocean Aqua